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About Rosé Amer

The villa was refurbished by the family with utmost care and love in the year 2018, and balances itself between tradition and modernity. Rosé Amer is a vacation home opened to likeminded people who value privacy and wish to spend some exclusive memorable time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Very limited visitors at a time are a treat, as you find your own space.

The building’s fascia gives the colonial feel and the structure totally matches with the environment. High ceiling, wide open spaces, broad glass doors and open to light glass ceilings, set the mood.

The architecture and decor indoor is a good mix of western influence. Thikri mirror art and inlay stone work are very authentically regional. The abundance of water bodies outside and in the building creates a natural cooling effect, the windy corridors and sprawling gardens take you inside of natural elements. Earth, water, air, fire and Vyoma come together at Rosé Amer quite like the creation. The profusion of nature, well maintained large gardens with a tremendous variety of flora, flocks of birds and nature’s sounds give you, your prized alone time. The pigeons, parrots and quails dart across the skies, squirrels run and peacocks saunter.

Vastu shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology. It’s an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Idea is to create perfect harmony with nature and attune the mind and body to the abstract currents that govern our spiritual bodies and chakras. Rosé Amer was born in this concept.


According to the legends this property was once a guest house for the Royals of Jaipur and British Officers. This property has more than 90 years old roots and have seen our pink city growing. Last British Officer was a very famous English Doctor who resided here as per records. Later on after the British era ended, This property was a famous horse stable of the time and then came into the hand of Grandfather of current owner in late 60’s.

The owner’s grandfather himself was a visionary, a great poet, a philosopher, a writer and a journalist. He had an in depth knowledge of Veda and Ayurveda and got many awards nationally and internationally for his writing and knowledge. Everything the family has today they give all the credits to their grandfather. As like the man his wife was a writer too. She wrote a book called “Dadi ki Rasoi” (Grandma’s Kitchen) which is a treasure for cooking lovers. This book contains many recipes which are delicious and beneficial for health as per Ayurveda.

This writing skill is in their genes as the father of the landlord is also a famous writer, at the age of 70 he still woke up at 5 in the morning and write. He has written so many books which you can find in the library here. His outstanding and most famous composition is the Hindu Bible called “Shabda Veda”. We would love to show to you that treasure.

Initially this property was used as a Marriage Garden. Hence, this place is a witness of unions of so many families.

Then one day the owners decided to make a home on this property where all the 4 generations would live together. So they started the civil work to shift in this newly built beautifully landscaped expansive 3+ acre private estate in 2010. Every suite in the property was made in phases hence the family itself gave a personal attention and carved these mesmerizing charm suites. When the time came to shift, the great grandmother refused to move out as she was so attached to their current home. As a Traditional family their philosophy is to live together, this family is close to roots with a Rajasthani Heart, so they decided not to move but the construction was already near to finish. Hence they decided to make this private and pleasant villa into a Boutique Home Stay where the guest can feel comfortable like their home. As per the tradition of their family, they want you to take cherishable memories that will last forever.